Andy Lewis update…

Yesterday, April 30th, I sat in again for Eddie Piller on Soho Radio’s Eclectic Soul Show. You can hear the show via if you missed it yesterday.

Once again the tracklisting is out of whack with what I actually played. I am guessing that my Title/Artist listing confused the system, and also a number of the tracks I played aren’t on Sp*tify or iTu*es. Hell, some of them weren’t even on the Internet in a way you could listen to them, until now! So here’s a list, in the order they appear on the show…

Wake Up Everybody- Harold Melvin and the Blue Notes
These City Streets- Paul Weller
Are You Man Enough? – The Four Tops
Soul Thing – Tony Newman
No Answer- Cherry B and the Sound Makers
What Can I Do? – George Kirby
Collage- The Three Degrees
Catwalk- The Pete Moore Orchestra
Music Talk- Beryl Marsden
All We Need Is Understanding- Chairmen Of The Board
Steppin’ Out- Lionel Robinson
The Loner- Nick Harrison
If Not By Fire- Mandy More
The Man In The Glass- James Brown
To Be Or Not To Be- Shirley Ellis
Day Starter- Meatball
Come On And See Me- Tammi Terrell
Only A Fool- Clyde McPhatter
A Man Without A Face- The Chants
Don’t Mind If I Cry- Craig Douglas
Mae West- Ken Moule’s London Jazz Chamber Group
Chain Of Fools- The Flamingo Group Featuring Maria Rottrova
Igor The Dog – Tommy Korberg
Happy Morning- The Cindys
Lonely But Free- The Gentry Show Band
La Mouche- Michel Polnareff
Just Dropped In (To See What Condition My Condition Was In)- The Free
Soul Condor- Peter Herbolzheimer
Chained- Paul Petersen
Sunshine Of Your Love- Spanky Wilson
I Feel Free- Virginia Vee
Come One Come All- Brass Incorporated
This Is The House Where Love Died- First Choice
The Victim- Guy Apollo
It’s For You- Harmony Village
Love Is A Four Letter Word- Roy Budd
Land Of 1000 Dances- Mr Bloe
Let’s Talk- The Ray Alexander Technique
I’m The Sky- Norma Tanega
Does Anybody Really Know What Time It Is? – Chicago 

On the subject of music you can’t hear anywhere else, I have recently uploaded another selection of my own tunes to Bandcamp. Have a listen at

I make no apologies for the political nature of some of the tunes. In the UK we are approaching the most important general election in a generation. I sincerely believe that another five years of Conservative-led government would destroy much of what I hold dear; the NHS, our links with Europe, even the union with Scotland. The prospect of another five years of the rich getting substantially richer at the expense of the poorest in society, another five years of misinformation about the nature of national debt (it’s virtually impossible for a country to “go bankrupt” if it has a central bank that can literally print money, and at a time when the economic reality of extremely cheap credit meets the political impossibility of raising direct taxation, it’s obvious that the government will borrow the money it needs to spend on public services), another five years of blaming immigrants for the changing nature of British life when actually all that has happened is that we’ve got older and times have changed and we no longer recognize the things that used to make us feel comfortable and safe, another five years of blaming the Blair/Brown government for overspending when it was the financial services industry that set the agenda they followed to the extent that there was no alternative but to bail out the banks when they broke the system they’d created… I could go on. Suffice to say, I will not be voting for the Tories!

Whatever your political beliefs, it’s vitally important that you do get out an vote. In spite of Slebs telling us that it isn’t fashionable any more, or it’s the action of a different generation, or that it doesn’t matter because the government always gets in, or that if it changes anything it’d be illegal, it’s the only chance you really have to directly influence the makeup of the next government. Whether you agree with me that another five years of Cameron and Co would be a disaster or not, if you don’t vote you’re not really joining in the debate, you’re just moaning. So whatever your political philosophy, whoever you think you trust with the country’s future… GO OUT AND VOTE on May 7th. The more people who vote, the more whoever wins will have to think about the impact of their policies on all of us.


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