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I’ve been having a lot of fun playing records and chatting on Soho Radio. Due to a gap in my work schedule I’ve been their “Super Sub”, covering a number of gaps in theirs. I’ve enjoyed the chance to play records I’d never usually get the chance to play during my usual sort of DJ set, especially some of the recent releases from bands like The Left Outsides, Papernut Cambridge, Sleaford Mods, Toro Y Moi and The Go! Team.

My favourite of the shows is the one I did with Lucienne Cole. She bought some great records along, many of which I didn’t know. You ought to go along to one of the nights she DJs at, especially Crawdaddy at the Fiddlers Elbow in Camden Town, London.

If you’ve missed the shows going out live, there’s a chance to catch up with the most recent of them via the following links…

Hopefully I’ll be back on there again in the near future.

Acid Jazz records have found a small stash of “physical product” that contains my “intellectual property”, and this is now for sale via their online shop. It includes the lovely album by The Red Inspectors, some repressed 7″ singles of “Are You Trying To Be Lonely?”, the last few copies of “The Best Of Days” single and a couple of vinyl LPs of “You Should Be Hearing Something Now”. You can find all these, and more, by looking at

Over on Bandcamp, things got quite busy the other week when some amateur radio enthusiasts discovered my song “The Slow Train” which samples transmissions from the Chiltern Non-Directional Radio Beacon, leading to a flurry of downloads of “Songs For A South Herts Symphony”. This and other recordings can be found by looking at .

But the record I’m proudest to have had something to do with in recent months is the new album by John Howard And The Night Mail. It’s had some great reviews, and there’s a nice interview with John here that talks about how the album came about. It is finally available in your local record shop or by mail order direct from Tapete records. Or you can download it from iTunes if that’s your bag. To celebrate the release, John Howard And The Night Mail will be performing a special show at the Phoenix Artists Club in London. Full details and tickets can be found here. Hope to see you there!


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